Frequently Asked Questions


When will the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019 take palce?

MAKS-2019 will take place between the 27th of August and the 1st of September 2019.

27th of August, 2019

Official events day;

27th-29th of August, 2019

Business days;

30th of August - 1st of September, 2019

Public days.

What are the Airshow working hours?

Airshow working hours - 10:00 to 18:00 daily.

Is it possible to visit the Airshow with children during business days?

Visiting the Airshow with children during the business days of 27th-29th of August is not advised.

Who can visit the Airshow free of charge?

People invited by the organisers;
Children under 14 years old when accompanied by grown ups (except for the business days)


Where can you buy a ticket to the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019?

Tickets Tickets may oly be purchased at the authorized sales points and at the official Airshow ticket operator's (STS Eventeam RU LLC) website at Tickets may also be purchased at the Airshow premises on the day of visit. Beware secondhand dealers and forgers operating at metro and railway stations and other unauthorized places! Pre-sale prices are lower than those on the day of visit.

Will entrance tickets be sold separately for August 30, 31 and September 01?

Yes, they will, with the price of such tickets being 700-800 rubles on pre-sale and 1000 rubles when sold at the entrance to the Airshow on the day of the visit.

Is there a ticket providing access to the Airshow premises on Saturday and Sunday?

This year there is a ticket with a choice of the date of a visit on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at the cost of 1,100 rubles. Only on pre-sale. It is also intended for a single pass.

Are there any discount tickets that provide access to the Airshow, and who has the right to it?

Such a ticket exists: "Preferential entrance ticket" This type of ticket entitles you to a one-time visit on August 30, 31 or September 01, 2019. This ticket will be sold at the ticket office of the Airshow at the entrance on the day of the visit.

The list of categories of people eligible to purchase the discount Airshow tickets

  • Veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War.
  • People with disabilities of I and II groups.
  • Heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of Russia.
  • Veterans and participants of the war in Afghanistan, combatants in Chechnya and in Syria.
  • Large families.

In order to purchase the discount Airshow tickets the buyer should present an original document that serves as proof for discount eligibility.

Types of documents:

  • Great Patriotic War Veteran or participant certificate.
  • Disability certificate.
  • Hero of the Soviet Union or a Hero of Russia certificate.
  • Afghanistan war veteran or participant certificate, Удостоверение ветерана или участника войны в Афганистане, Chechnya or Syria conflict participant certificate.
  • Large family certificate.

There can me sold no more than 2 (two) discount tickets per person.

May I book or buy a ticket for a specific day?

Yes, but only for August 30, 31 of September 01, 2019. There is also a specialist ticket available for purchase which entitles for a single visit of the Airshow between the 27th of August and the 1st of September, 2019.

Is it possible to have a group visit at the event and are there any discounts for groups?

It is possible to visit the event in groups, but there isn't any dedicated group ticket. Every group member has to have his own entry ticket in order to enter the premises. No discounts are available at this time. Look out for promotions and special offers on the websites of MAKS-2019 and the official ticket operator.

Will the cost change closer to the starting date of the Airshow?

It will. Tickets cost more on the day of the visit than on pre-sale.

PRIORITY - when will it be available for purchase? What is included in this ticket?

The PRIORITY ticket, which can only be purchased in pre-sale, gives you the right to: enter the territory of MAKS-2019, visit the exhibition and static exposition, a welcoming souvenir, free non-alcoholic beverages, recreation areas in the chalet and access to the observation stands for the flight program.

Is it necessary to purchase an additional entry ticket if you have already purchased a parking ticket for the airfield car park?

The entry ticket must be purchased because the paid parking pass for parking a car on the territory of the airfield does not allow one to enter the premises of the Airshow itself. In order to pass through the checkpoint and get directly to the Airshow premises it is necessary to present a valid entry ticket.

Which opportunities upon visiting the Airshow does a August 27 - September 01 ticket provide?

The ticket gives the right to enter the territory of MAKS-2019, visit the exposition inside the pavilions and see aviation exhibits at the static exhibition on any single day between the 27th of August and the 1st of September. A visitor with such a ticket has the right to attend open business events for which no special accreditation is required.

Are there any discounts for collective orders?

No, such discounts are no available.

Does an entry ticket allow for multiple passes through the checkpoints?

No, the entry ticket can only be used once.

What is a "Media platform"?

Media platform is a well-positioned (on the other side of the landing strip from the viewing stands) specialized space for photo and video shooting, consisting of a stable 2-storied structure 4 metres high. Second floor of the Media platform is designed as an open viewpoint, allowing for "under the sun" shooting. A tent (10-15 sq. m.) with tables with cold drinks and light snacks will be situated near the Media plaform.

Should I buy a separate entry ticket if I have already bought a "Media platform" ticket?

You shouldn't, as the media platform entry ticket includes: MAKS-2019 premises entry, Transfer of visitors from the Organiser office to the shooting location and back; bar with snacks and cold drinks; compulsory accident insurance.

Can children enter the Media platform?

Children are not allowed on the Media platform.

Will I be able to take photos during the Airshow if I buy a regular entry ticket (without the ability to shoot photos and video from the Media platform)?

You will be able to shoot photos and video throughout the entire territory of the Salon, with the exception of the Media platform.

Parking lots

Will road traffic in Zhukovski be blocked throughout the Airshow?

Transit through the city will be closed from the 27th of August to the 1st of September, but the residents, suppliers and workforce of the city entry would be possible by a special pass they can receive in the Zhukovsky city administration.

Will there be an incentive parking?

Yes. For the visitors arriving by their own cars and buses there will be a free parking at the Bykovo airfield. It will operate only during the mass visit days (Friday-Sunday). From there visiotrs will be transfered free of charge to the MAKS ckeckpoints via service buses. (30-40 minutes en route).

Is it possible to park cars on the Airshow premises?

It is, with a separate paid-for car pass. Parking by a paid-for car pass is only allowed for cars, minivans and buses. Paid-for pass is only issued for one day, entry and exit of vehicles to and from the premises is only allowed during that day.

Where can one buy a car park pass?

Car park passes will be available in the authorized ticket offices and on the official ticket operator's website. Passes ordered via website can be redeemed in authorized ticket offices or by delivery.

What are the premises parking lot opening hours?

Premises parking lot is open between 9-30 and 19-00 every day of the Event.

Does the driver need an entry ticket if he is to remain on the parking lot?

No, he does not if the driver remains in the parking lot, but in case he is willing to visit the Airshow itself he has to purchase an entry ticket.

Is it possible to park a car with a bus parking pass in case the car passes will be sold out?


A GAZelle fits 13 people. Which parking pass should a client buy? A car pass or a bus pass?

According to the GIBDD a minivan is a vehicle of up to 3 tons in weight, which is classified as a car. Thus, a car pass is required.

how many parking passes should be bought if a car or a bus is shuttling people to the parking lot in multiple steps?

A paid-for parking pass is valid throughout the day it is set for. It is possible to enter and leave the car park multiple times during this day.

Which documents are needed to acquire a car pass?


Is it possible to park a motorcycle with a car pass?

No, the parking lot can only be entered by car.

Will there be only one parking lot?

There will be several ones, passes are sold for parking lots P7, P2, P3 (for cars and minivans) and P4 (for buses).

How far will the parking lots be from the checkpoints?

P7 - about 500 м., There will be shuttle buses to Checkpoint 1.

P3 - about 50 м. to Checkpoint 3.

P2 - about 10 м. to Checkpoint 2.

Where will the passes be checked?

On entrance to Zhukovsky

On entrance to the Ramenskoe Airfield

On entrance to the respective parking lot.

Flight program

Is the flight program different for the business days and public visit days?

Full flight program will take place during the public visit days, during business days the flight program will be limited.

What is the flight program time schedule?

Usually during the business days of the Airshow the flight program takes place between 15:00 and 17:00 and between 11:00 and 17:00 during public visit days.

Where can one find the flight schedule?

The exact flight schedule is formed one day before the demonstration day and published on the official MAKS-2019 website and social networks.

Will it be possible to board the aircraft?

Several aircraft models on static display will be open for visits. Information about such possibilities will be stated on the official website of MAKS-2019 after the 25th of August.

Will the Airshow work in the bad and extreme weather conditions and how would weather affect the flight program?

The Airshow will take place regardless of the weather. The flight program will take place in rainy weather, but the organiser may cancel any part of the flight program in case of weather presenting a safety concern for the participants and visitors of the Airshow.

Terms of attendance

Where can I stay for the duration of the Airshow?

In any hotel in Zhukovsky, Ramenskoe or Moscow city. You may book any hotel you like on preferential terms with TEZ TOUR company - the oficial tour operator of MAKS-2019.

What are the catering options during the visit to the Airshow?

On the Airshow location there will be various catering points with cold drinks, ice cream, fast food, cafes, restaurants and business class restaurants.

Is it possible to bring one's own food and drinks?

Yes, but without glass packaging.

Will there be seats available?

Only for PRIORITY ticket holders.

Is it possible to bring folding chairs?

Yes, it is.

May I bring my dog to the Airshow location?

No, the only dogs allowed are service dogs and guide-dogs.

Will I be able to take photos during the Airshow?

You may shoot photos and video throughout the whole premises of the Airshow.

Is it possible to smoke on the Airshow location?

Yes, you can, but only in the areas designated for smoking.

What should I do if I feel unwell or get hurt during the Airshow?

On the Airshow premises a first-aid post will be operating, equiped with everything neccessary to offer the required aid.

Are there any facilities for small children available at the Airshow?

There will be a special playground, but the Organizers strongly advice not to bring children younger than 6 years old to the Airshow.

What should I do if I lose my child on the Airshow premises?

You should contacnt the Organizer's office or the radio post in the Airshow Press centre where a speakerphone announcement will be made for you.

Will there be a storage room at the Airshow premises?

Yes, there will be. It will also be possible to leave there items not allowed on the Airshow premises.

What are the age restrictions?

The Organizers strongly advice not to bring children younger than 6 years old to the Airshow.