Opinions about MAKS

I think that the meeting of the two presidents at the airshow is a great honor for MAKS and I am happy to be here at such a wonderful moment. This meeting will become historic for both countries. After Turkey acquired S-400 from Russia, we have opened new horizons for cooperation. I believe that in the near future Turkey and Russia will have some joint projects in the field of aviation. The first step is to buy some Russian fighter aircrafts, and then we can cooperate in production. Russia and Turkey can join forces in the field of high technologies.
MAKS, which is already a wonderful airshow, will have another competence that is hosting top-level international meetings. A new top, as they say.

HAKAN KURT, Director of Еurasia Airshow in Antalya (Turkey)

I would not compare MAKS with the airshows at Le Bourget and Farnborough. MAKS has something special ... I think it has something to do with the great Russian aerospace industry. When you get to MAKS, you visit not only modern exhibits, the salon has both USSR aircraft and current models. And this is wonderful! And, of course, MAKS is ahead of all the salons in terms of the flight program.
Exhibitors are different, they are more regional. But it allows subject matter expert to show themselves. Le Bourget and Farnborough are more commercial for us. MAKS is an opportunity to communicate with airlines, our industrial partners and show the level of industrial cooperation with Russia.

JULIEN FRANIATTE, Head of Airbus in Russia

Usually we bring an aircraft to airshows as part of a new model tour ... Unfortunately, we somehow could not do this at MAKS-2019. However, this year a larger delegation of Boeing executives attended the salon to show our support for the industry. Airbus' approach to MAKS is different from ours, but no one doubts the importance of the Russian and Central Asian market.

RANDY TINSETH, Vice President for Marketing, Boeing (USA)

We are the only Irish company at MAKS, and it seems that we are the first. We are a small company, but we would like to establish new contacts and develop our business in the Russian market. We felt its potential from the first conversation.
We are experienced in certification of materials for turbine engines, Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, Embraer, and now we are participating in the same work for PD-14, the flagship of the Russian engine building. Moreover, it is important to cooperate not only by e-mail, so it is great to meet with Russian colleagues "face to face", to strengthen personal relations. That is why we are here.


Participation in the MAKS airshow allows potential customers to present information about the achieved level, scientific and technical groundwork and promising developments of the corporation, and demonstrate the available arsenal of products visually. On this point, the airshow is an irreplaceable demonstration platform and, at the same time, an advertising campaign of our achievements for specialists and potential customers.

Deputy General Designer of the head enterprise of the Tactical Missile Corporation

I am visiting MAKS for the fifth time and for me this is more likely not a place to search for new partners, but a time to meet with old ones in a new environment. The parties know each other's capabilities, we cooperate to do business together, but we can do this business in Le Bourget or Farnborough. In Moscow, we show our respect for this market, for our relations, as we say: "These connections are not an airplane with a variable wing geometry", they do not depend on politics.
The French exposition is based on this business ethics. This is our difference from some other countries, whose stands used to occupy half a pavilion, but now they have reduced to 60 square meters. The French exposition remains significant; our companies are looking to the future.

JULIEN NEGRE, Director of ZEHR, France

Our particular interest in the salon is about SSJ-100, a project we are participating with the SaM-146 engine. Neither we, nor our Russian partners have any doubts regarding this cooperation that has taken so many years and investments. Of course, everyday life is not always easy, there are difficulties, but together we approach them intelligently and move forward. There is no doubt about the future cooperation, I am sure of it.

OLIVIER ANDRIES, President, SAFRAN aircraft engines (France)

MAKS is a significant event for the aviation industry. The participation provides an opportunity to establish new contacts and mutually beneficial cooperation. We are glad to tell you about our opportunities and development prospects, to form new and strengthen existing relationships with partners.

SERGEY KARTASHOV, Director of Spektr-Avia JSC

MAKS is important for us both as a place to show our aircraft to Russian airlines, who can become our potential trading partners in Russia, and because it is a platform for maintaining contacts and negotiating with the industry, getting acquainted with the capabilities of scientific and engineering centers.
The policy has no influence on Airbus's cooperation with the Russian industry. We continue to work with Russian suppliers, in particular, with the titanium supplier VSMPO-Avisma, and with other enterprises. We adapt to the situation, and discuss our future contracts. For us, Russia is not only a market, but also a country that gives us a lot of know-how, products, and services. It is a combination of both. That is why MAX is so important.

КKIMON SOTIROPOULOS - Vice President of Sales for Northern and Central Europe, Russia and the CIS, AirbusИМОН СОТИРОПУЛОС - Вице-Президент Airbus по продажам в Северной и Центральной Европе, России и СНГ

I have been coming to MAKS for the last eight years. AMAKS is growing, and I'm used to it getting better and better. However, this time the organization of the salon was especially impressive. There are many exhibitors, the pavilions are well equipped, the most modern products and samples are presented. MAKS is one of the world's major airshows, such as Le Bourget, Farnborough, Dubai, Singapore, and it is fully meeting the standards set for these major events.
MAKS is truly the most important event for the industry. Here you can do business in the field of civil and military aviation, technology, and space; here you can see the best things that has been done in all these areas. MAKS is an excellent platform to get acquainted with the competencies of the Russian industry, see new products, including space and military technology. Russia still has great potential: technical know-how, people, and production facilities. That is why we consider it necessary to maintain the closest business relations with Russia and with MAKS.
Moreover, this year two presidents, Russian and Turkish opened MAKS, and this was important news. All the world's leading TV companies told about it, thereby contributing to the growth of the international prestige of the airshow and the entire Russian industry.

YOUSIF MOHAMMED MAHMOUD, Director of the Bahrain International Air Show