Organization of exhibition build-up

Dear stand contractors!

Please pay your attention to the following information:

The full list of services you can find in Personal Account of MAKS-2019. Please note that all mentioned services within the territory of MAKS-2019 shall be rendered only by JSC AVIASALON or by accredited companies.

Access to the territory of MAKS-2019 during build-up, exhibition and dismantling period shall be provided by passes in compliance with the time period stated therein, with the document of identification. Contractor’s passes can be arranged only after the procedure of Design Documents Approval. Accredited contractors will receive access to the Personal Account of MAKS-2019.

The entry to the Exhibition territory of trucks and passenger transport intended for loading/ unloading shall be subject to payment and having a pass. The maximum stay time of a vehicle within the Exhibition territory shall be:

  • passenger vehicles – 2 hours
  • vehicles with carrying capacity up to 10t. – 3 hours
  • vehicles carrying capacity of over 10t. – 4 hours.

For the purposes of ordering and obtaining a single pass, you should refer to the official forwarding agent of MAKS-2019 – company EXHIBITION SERVICE LTD.

Exhibition service LTD.

Darya Novikova
office phone:
8 495 640-55-00
mobile phone:

Forwarding services, customs clearance of exhibition goods and stand equipment is performed by the official forwarding agents of MAKS-2019. Loading/unloading operations with mechanized aids shall be performed only by specialists and aids of official forwarding agents of the Exhibition. Use of mechanized aides (including motor vehicles equipped with load lifting manipulators) and personnel of other organizations shall not be allowed.

Exhibition service LTD.

Mr. Zakharov Georgy
office phone:
+7 (495) 640-55-00 ext. 321
Mr. Karhmazyants Avakim
office phone:
+7 (495) 640-55-00 ext. 314
Mr. Kurochkin Nikita
office phone:
+7 (495) 640-55-00 ext. 333

Expowestrans LLC

Mr. Lys Alexey
office phone:
+7 (495) 605 74 21
mobile phone:
+7 (985) 767 46 45
Ms. Kabaylova Julia
office phone:
+7 (495) 605 03 27
mobile phone:
+7 (985) 135 01 30

Invitation of outside Contractors to perform mounting-demounting and decoration works shall be permitted only for construction of Custom Build stands and with coordinated technical documents available. If you delegate performing of construction, electrical installation and decoration works to the external company, make sure to bring the list of the documents necessary for coordination of technical documentation to its notice.

For the purposes of approval of the set-up of the exhibition stand/chalet, the Contractor shall submit the following documents:

  1. Working draft in electronic form in PDF format (from 2 parts: 1 part working draft, 2nd part of the application (certificates, acts, etc.)), and also in 2 copies on paper with signature and seal of responsible persons. Each copy must be stitched and signed by the head of the organization in one folder-folder. All technical documentation must be performed in accordance with the requirements of the “Unified system for design documentation” (ESKD).

    Approved by the Customer (Participant) and the supervisory authority of the resolution of the special Fire Department No. 45, the working draft of the stand, chalet or street exposition including:

    • title page;
    • design project;
    • explanatory note (technical part and electrician);
    • working drawings and sheets (ceiling, doorways, interior decoration),
    • static calculation (stability, wind loads) including calculation, conclusion, calculation model in electronic form, made in LIRA software, program license and certificate confirming the competence of the person who performed the calculation model;
    • electric stand design indicating the voltage of the power supply, maximum load capacities for each piece of equipment, electrical connection points with full decoding of the symbols and indicating the total power on the stand (indicating the passport values of the maximum
    • heating (heat generation) of each type of electrical equipment, and power consumption), single-line The circuit includes: The installed power of the consumer, the maximum current, the length of the group line cable, the voltage loss in the conductor, the current one short-circuit fault, the response time of the protection apparatus, the total leakage current, the name of the consumer, the distribution of loads across the phases.
    • specification of materials, parts, components and equipment - a text design document defining the composition of equipment, products and materials intended for the acquisition, preparation and implementation of construction;
    • measures to ensure fire safety, having the appropriate confirmation in the form of contracts, acts, licenses and certificates;
    • schedule of work.
  2. The total package of documents;

    • a notarized copy of the Contractor’s compliance certificate with the international standards of the GOST R ISO 9000 series;
    • a power of attorney from the Participant for the construction of a stand (chalet) on the participant’s letterhead;
    • certificates of conformity for all materials and structures used in the construction of the stand, including electrics, acts of processing flame retardant composition of combustible materials used for the design of the stand;
    • a list of electrical personnel (on the Contractor's form) participating in the electrical installation of this stand, signed by the head of the Contractor;
    • photocopies of certificates of electrical personnel with a group on electrical safety (responsible for electrical installation not lower than the fourth group), with a mark on certification, a copy of the test log of knowledge of electrical personnel;
    • copies of orders on the appointment of a person responsible for carrying out electrical work and on equipment and fire safety with telephones and the signature of the responsible persons “with the order I am acquainted”;
    • Photocopies of certificates of verification of knowledge of labor protection requirements and fire-technical minimum for managers and specialists;
    • civil liability insurance policy;
    • act of separation of responsibility for the operation of electrical installations (2 copies, signed when the exposure is connected);
    • Protocols of the electrical measuring laboratory (provided prior to the commissioning of the finished exposure);
    • letter of guarantee (about the reliability and stability of the structure).

    All documents must be certified by the head of the Contractor company.

Rates for coordination of technical project documentation (till July 12th)

20% VAT is excluded

Coordination of technical project documentation

Price, euro.

For the one-storey stand construction/chalet, per 1 sq.m.
For the two-storey stand construction (the square of two floors is added ), per 1sq.m.
Control of static calculations for two-storey stands, per 1 project.
The rights to build standard stands, performance of technical support and control the quality of mounting and dismounting, holding a complex technical works of security on build-up area, per 1 sq.m.
Covering carpet without building, per 1 sq.m.
Approval of installation of air conditioning on the stand / in the Chalet, for 1 pcs.

Manager for cooperation with foreign Contractors:

Natalya Shipina
+7 (495) 989-26-63

Please pay your attention to the Fire safety regulations mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of participation in exhibitions held at the TEC RUSSIA Exhibition Complex.

All the materials used for stand building should have Fire certificates according to the Russian legislation. You can also be obliged to cover your materials with special fire-safety compound.

The contact information of Fire Department №45 will be published after 10th April.

The Fire Department № 45

Mr. Fedor Kalashnikov
(you can contact them in Russian only)
(Monday, Wednesday, Fridaу)
+7 (495) 556 70 78

In order to coordinate technical suspensions it is necessary to complete the form P-1 for hanging the structure with its brief description and to submit the stand and structure project. Coordination of technical suspensions is performed on a paid basis.

The above mentioned form and documents please send to:

Р-1 Form

Сontact person

Natalya Shipina