How to get by car


During MAKS-2021 business days (July 20-25) you can drive within the city of Zhukovsky only with MAKS car pass.

Driving directions

The required route matches the color of your pass!


Personal inspection of drivers, passengers, hand luggage, baggage, and vehicles will be carried out at the entrance to Ramenskoe airfield.

It is forbidden to carry:

  • All types of firearms, gas and bladed weapons;
  • Ammunition, explosive and flammable materials, pyrotechnics of all kinds;
  • Toxic, poisonous, caustic and fetid substances;
  • Spirits and drinks in glass bottles;
  • Bulky items larger than 50 cm × 40 cm × 20 cm;
  • Any cans and containers, as well as animals.

Drivers and passengers who violate the public order, or entry and parking rules set on the territory of the Ramenskoe airfield will be removed from the territory together with their vehicles, their car passes being withdrawn with no compensation of their cost. Any vehicles parked in unauthorized areas shall be evacuated to paid parking space, in which case the relevant evacuation and storage expenses shall be reimbursed by the vehicle owner.