China has confirmed its participation in MAKS-2019 as a partner country

People’s Republic of China will take part in the XIV International Aviation and Space Salon as a partner country. MAKS-2019 will be the first airshow held in a new format.

Confirmation of their participation as a partner country is expressed with in the official letter from Miao Wei – minister of Industry and Informatization of the People’s Republic of China – to Denis Manturov – minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.“We have recently received a written confirmation from my colleague–Mr. Miao Wei, minister of industry and informatization of China. Adelegation from China is planned to arrive in order to review the terms of the Airshow”–said Mr. Manturov in regards to China’s decision.

The delegation from the PRC Ministry of industry and informatization is expected to arrive shortly in Moscow for a series of meetings with the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia regarding the preparations to the airshow.

Point of reference

International aviation and space salon MAKS-2019 will be held in Zhukovsky, Moscow region, according to the Government Decree №2403-p of 30.10.2017 and the order of the Government of Russian Federation №2523-р of 20.11.2018. Ministry of Industry and Trade and the State Corporation for assistance in development, production and export of high-tech industrial produce “Rostec” have been appointed as event organizers. MAKS-2019 is hosted by the Aviasalon JSC.

An agreement of PRC participat in gasapartner country in the XIV International Aviation and Space Salon was reached as a result of negotiations held in Kunming (China) during the 3rd session of Chinese-Russian sub-committee for industrial cooperation.