NIK to present its Sigma-7 aircraft at MAKS 2021

Research and Engineering Company (NIK) that is located in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, will present its test prototype of the light two-seater versatile aircraft Sigma-7 at the International Aviation and Space Salon. The aircraft will be shown in the static display area in section “General Aviation at MAKS 2021”. It will also take part in the flight program.

NIK to present its Sigma-7 aircraft at MAKS 2021

As at the end of Q2 2021, aircraft ground structural tests and frequency tests have been completed. The flight tests of the prototype were conducted by M.M. Gromov Flight Research Institute, and based on their results a certificate of airworthiness was issued. In Q3 2021, this test prototype will be submitted for operational tests to Myachkovo Airport. It is expected to manufacture three production models in 2022, one of which will be used as part of certification tests in Germany, while two other models will be delivered to Chinese customers.

Sigma-7 aircraft is intended for private use, training flights, aviation tourism, patrolling, aerial photographic surveying, and other tasks.

It may be said without exaggeration that this project has driven the entire national aviation industry. The implementation of MC-21 program in the context of import substitution required significant modernization of production and introduction of innovative technologies not only at Irkutsk Aviation Plant, but also at other Russian enterprises that participated in the project. High-technology companies specializing in the production of innovative polymer composite materials have been created, cooperation for the manufacture of the new wing load carrying structure from composites have been established, and extensive work towards the import substitution of numerous important aircraft details (primarily, engine) has been performed. Digital technologies covering the development, production and operation of aviation equipment have been widely introduced. Work on MC-21 project paved the way for the modern scientific and production activities required for the development of commercial aviation in Russia.

Sigma-7 is characterized by quick wing folding along the aircraft body. It can be carried on the trailer, towed by a car using a tow hitch, and move using propeller thrust, which makes it possible to place the aircraft close to home, while powerful high-lift system allows it to easily take off the small sites. The aircraft can be equipped with a skid landing gear or an amphibious floatation landing gear.

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Research and Engineering Company LLC was founded in 1997 to render engineering and consultancy services in the field of commercial aviation to aviation and other enterprises. It specializes in the design and strength analysis of aerostructures, installation of the on-board equipment in aircraft and helicopters, development of ground airfield equipment for its customers and partners, including Boeing, PJSC United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Kamov JSC, IL PJSC, Tupolev PJSC, Myasishchev Design Bureau JSC, TsAGI FSUE. At its own initiative, NIK develops general aviation aerial vehicles, such as aircraft and gyroplanes, including unmanned vehicles.

The Fifteenth International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2021 will be held in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, on July 20-25, 2021. The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and the State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology Industrial Product Rostec. Organizer of MAKS 2021: Aviasalon JSC.