Presentations of MAKS-2021 confirm the interest of Italian companies to participate in Aviation and Space Salon 2021

A series of International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 presentations for Italian business circles, held in remote format, confirmed a high level of interest in participation in the Salon among local companies of aerospace sector and related industries.

Presentations of MAKS-2021 confirm the interest of Italian companies to participate in Aviation and Space Salon 2021

Online meetings have been being held since mid-November with the participation of the Representative Office of Rosteс State Corporation in Italy and JSC Aviasalon. B2Bconnect is an Italian organizer of the event.

Russian representatives made a presentation of the upcoming MAKS-2021, described the potential of the Italian-Russian cooperation in the aerospace sector and discussed the cooperation outlook with the event participants. “MAKS 2021 presentations for Italian companies clearly demonstrate that the aviation salon in Russia is seen as an entry point to the promising market,” said Aleksandr Getman, Counselor to JSC Aviasalon General Director. “Undoubtedly, the participation of Italian business in the fair will be as wide and fruitful as it has been”. Immediately after the presentations, representatives of several companies asked for information on registration through the salon website.

ICE, a state agency specialized in the international promotion of Italian companies, was the key participant of the first event in the series. The agency with its wide network of representative offices and branches all over the world contributes to realization of joint projects and provides informational and consultancy support to international cooperation programs. According to Simona Ferrulli, agency’s representative, ICE is interested in participation in MAKS 2021 and has proposed that the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should include the Salon into the 2021 event calendar.

Roberto Ruggiero, head of B2Bconnect group, shared the optimism of Russian specialists. “The recent series of MAKS 2021 presentations promoting MAKS in Italy, attended by representatives of strategic companies and organizations, have completely achieved its goal”, he said and added that the presentations would continue to be held. They will be organized online as well.

Major Italian aerospace companies traditionally participate in International Aviation and Space Salons; however, since 2017, due to a proactive position of JSC Aviasalon, there is a trend towards higher participation of small and medium businesses. In 2019, about 30 companies presented their production as part of the Italian national pavilion.

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The Fifteenth International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 will be held in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, on July 20-25, 2021. The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and the State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology Industrial Product “Rostec”. Organizer of MAKS-2021, Aviasalon JSC.