Results of the first preliminary round of MAKS Cup are summed up

The results of the first preliminary round of aerobatics tournament MAKS Cup held within the framework of the 12th International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Hydroaviation Hydroaviasalon-2018 were summed up.

By decision of the jury announced by Gennady Petrov, the first place was taken by Roman Ovchinnikov who scored 2,290 points. Dmitry Samokhvalov with 2,225 points was a little behind. Yury Shurko and Irina Markova scored 2,170 and 1,550 points, accordingly.

In accordance with the competition rules, athletes performed a 6-minute voluntary program that included 10 aerobatic maneuvers. The winner was determined by the total sum of points scored for performance of each element of the program.

For Information

MAKS Cup tournament is a joint program of Aviasalon JSC, the Organizer of International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS, and the Federation of Aerobatics Sports of Russia, aimed at evolvement and promotion of aerobatics sports. According to the concept, MAKS Cup consists of regional stages. The winners of the regional stages compete in the finals. Performances as part of MAKS-2019 and the awarding ceremony for the winners will become the highlight of the event.