The "MAKS" brand celebrates its quarter century jubilee

The "MAKS" brand, known to the whole global aviation society as International Aviation and Space Shows held at Zhukovsky town, celebrates its 25th anniversary today. This very day the first event, MAKS-1993, started its work.

The exhibition that took place at three venues at the same time (in Zhukovsky, at Moscow central airfield in Khodynka, and at the Krasnaya Presnya exhibition complex), from August 31 to September 5, became a successor of the international aviation-and-space exhibition "Mosaeroshow'92". Upon completion of the event back in 1993, the most important decisions in MAKS's history were made: to hold the exhibition in Zhukovsky town at the Gromov Flight Research Institute every other year, on odd years. Further history of MAKS is a chain of bright events associated with record-breaking numbers of visitors and rich flying program, with the show infrastructure developed and logistic issued solved. And that is the history of the globally recognized brand.

The part of MAKS in the fortunes of the Russian space and aviation industry is enormous. "In years so hard for the country's economy, such an outstanding event drew attention of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation to the industry's problems. The exhibition became a showcase where the latest high-end aircraft, until recently top-secret ones, were presented, and the venue where some future projects were outlined", says Nikolay Zanegin, deputy general director of Aviasalon JSC. "At the same time, MAKS became a majestic festival winning nation-wide recognition. No doubt that aviation conquered hearts and minds of thousands of boys and girls then, as they were visiting the show at Zhukovsky."

The team of Aviasalon JSC, the official host of International Aviation and Space Shows, on this day is recalling the specialists who took the huge burden of organizing the event, and speaking words of sincere gratitude to their employees who have made this quarter-century-long way, as well as to those who joined the team later on. We are grateful to the federal executives, managers of aviation and space industry enterprises, and all who contributed in development of one of the most spacious and prestigious shows in the world. We congratulate on this memorial milestone all the people who cast in lot with conquering the sky and space, everyone with affection for aviation and aeronautics.

For Information

The International Aviation and Space Show MAKS 2019 is included in the list of international military-purpose exhibitions to be held in the territory of the Russian Federation in 2019 (Resolution No. 2403-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated October 30, 2017). The venue of the event will be Zhukovsky, Moscow Region. The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and the State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology Industrial Product “Rostec”.

Aviasalon JSC, tracing its history back to February 1992, is the official organizer of International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS, held in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, since 1993. It also acted as executive directorate for Mosaeroshow-92, a specialized industrial exhibition. Aviasalon organized International Mechanical Engineering Technology Forums, exhibitions of arms and military equipment OboronExpo, and other events.