Catering service

Official catering service company for International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021

VILLAGE Catering

«Village Catering» is a catering company that has been providing services for more than 9 years.

Our company has its own production base and storage facilities of more than 2,000 square meters that allows serving events with a total of more than 10,000 people at a time.

Official catering service company for MAKS since 2012



+7 916 140 27 63


RestoCross Catering

RC Hospitality LLC began its activities in 2006 with the creation of RestoCross Catering, a catering restaurant, and became one of the leaders among catering companies in Russia. RC Hospitality today is a multifunctional organization with a clearly established structure of departments, applying the most advanced forms of management and production at all stages of the project. With RestoCross all the details and trivia will not be ignored, and you will receive the highest level of service at the best price.

Official catering service company for MAKS since 2013.

Phone: +7 495 259 54 15; +7 499 409 23 15



+7 968 470 48 43



+7 926 248 78 18


Prazdnik Vkusa

Company Prazdnik Vkusa - a company engaged in catering since 1995, with extensive experience of participating in the most large-scale and high-profile events. The official food operator and regular participant in the MAKS air show since 2011.

We organize a full range of catering for your stand - from a light buffet, which helps to create a favorable atmosphere during business negotiations, to a magnificent banquet.

The original, varied and carefully crafted menu, according to your wishes, will satisfy the most exquisite taste. And a specially selected decor and solemn atmosphere will make a lasting impression on your partners and customers.

Prazdnik Vkusa - impeccable catering!



+7 964 513 70 38



Founded in 2016 Tochka strives to be a hallmark of serving authentic international сuisine and providing warm, intuitive and professional service. From canapés and cocktails to buffets, banquets and even fine dining, we can cater for every occasion – no matter how long your guest list is.

Our brand chef Charle VIsser was born in South Africa and shortly after getting his diploma moved to London for a greater gastronomic experience. In 2010 he became a head chef for Urban Caprice - one of London’s leading event caterers to The Royal Family and other premium clients in their portfolio. His cooking is a journey through cultures, from yesterday to tomorrow, the love for traditions, crafts, and the contemporary, towards a place simply called pleasure.

Andrew OGNEV


+7 930 848 30 30



Prosto Catering

Prosto Catering is a reliable personal catering partner at business events since 2013.

Our company, certified by “Catering Professionl”, owns permanent production and storage facilities. Our experienced and reliable service stuff is annually evaluated according to professional standards.

We specialize in providing services at business events, exhibitions, receptions and state dinners, working alongside with Federal Protective Service and state reception department. Thus, we are able to provide any state dinner, foreign delegation reception or government event with highly qualified catering service even facing tight deadlines.



+7 985 998-69-42



+7 915 368-83-59



Concord catering - catering leader in Russia and Europe. 1996 - year of foundation.

Our clients receive all the best and perfect for more than 20 years. During these years influential Russian politicians, successful businessmen, famous figures of culture and art have entrusted hosting the most significant events in their life and career.

“Concord catering” - the company’s name has become a synonym of high professionalism and special work style.

We have held more than 20 000 events and served more than 2 000 000 people.



+7 926 870-77-78


Catering coordinator for International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021