Access rules, customs clearance

Accessing the site during installation/ dismantling periods

Access to the site during the installation/dismantling periods will be granted to the holders of passes of relevant categories or to the holders of single visit passes delivering/moving out equipment.

Entry/ removal procedure

The entry to the Exhibition territory of trucks and passenger transport intended for loading/ unloading shall be subject to payment and having a pass. The maximum stay time of a vehicle within the Exhibition territory shall be:

  • passenger vehicles – 2 hours;
  • vehicles with carrying capacity up to 10t. – 3 hours;
  • vehicles carrying capacity of over 10t. – 4 hours.

For the purposes of ordering and obtaining a single pass, you should refer to the official forwarding agent of “MAKS-2019” – company “Exhibition Service” LTD.

Сontact person
“Exhibition Service” LTD.

Darya Novikova
Phone (Mobile)
Phone (Office)

Loading and unloading operations, customs clearance

Forwarding services, customs clearance of exhibition goods and stand equipment is performed by the official forwarding agents of MAKS-2019 - EXHIBITION SERVICE LTD and EXPOWESTRANS LLC. Loading/unloading operations with mechanized aids shall be performed only by specialists and aids of official forwarding agents of the Exhibition. Use of mechanized aides (including motor vehicles equipped with load lifting manipulators) and personnel of other organizations shall not be allowed.


“Exhibition Service” LTD

Mr. Zakharov Georgy

Phone (Office)

Mr. Karhmazyants Avakim

Phone (Office)

Mr. Kurochkin Nikita

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“Expowestrans” LLC

Mr. Lys Alexey

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Ms. Kabaylova Julia

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