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"Defense initiatives" LTD

The key competency is highly efficient solutions for protection of aircraft and helicopters from guided missile weapons:  airborne defense suite for operational aircraft ‘Talisman’;  helicopter airborne defense suite ‘Amulet’;  radioelectronic coverage suite for military facilities against airborne surveillance radars ‘Mirage’;

"Progresstech-Armenia" LLC

Our mission is to provide the engineering consulting services for aerospace industry, automotive and general engineering. We provide engineering solutions on each stage of product life cycle. We participate in the implementation of infrastructure projects and create jobs on the highly intelligent services market. We are proud of our achievements and cooperation with major international companies, such as: Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, Engineering Center of Airbus in Russia (ECAR), Boeing Design Center (Boeing Russia), «Tucana Engineering» (Moscow, Russia); IRKUT Corporation, JSC "AeroComposit", Kamov Design Bureau (holding company «Russian Helicopters»), «Spirit AeroSystems», AvtoVAZ, Renault-Nissan Alliance, «JVIS» LLC (USA), etc.

"Sparrow Electronics Inc."

Independent supplier of components, spare parts, and tools for aircrafts and helicopters assembly, repair and maintenance. “Sparrow Electronics Inc.” also supplies components for the automotive industry, in particular harness components. The company also supplies spare parts and components for other industries. “Sparrow Electronics inc.” does not have a representative office on the territory of the Russian Federation and is not engaged in customs clearance of goods in Russia.

3S Sensors & Systems Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.,

Introduction: As the Defense Sector in India witnesses an unprecedented growth with the “Make in India” initiative of the Indian Government, the industry is taking on bigger roles for making the nation self-reliant in Defense Production. 3S Sensors & Systems Technologies (OPC) Private Limited (3S) is an emerging company incorporated in India recently to cater for Civil & Military Aerospace, Electronic Warfare, Home Land Security and Defense Solutions". Through innovative research & development, continuous market studies and system assessments, 3S’s portfolio offers products and solutions in fields such as Avionics, Electronic Warfare, RADARs, System Integration and Ground Support Equipment. 3S’s Core areas of activity include: 1) RADARs: Using the latest technology, 3S has designed and developed RADAR systems which include Ground Surveillance Radar for border protection, Drone Detection Radar for Air surveillance, Radar for detecting and monitoring bird activity at Civil and Military Airports, Foliage Penetration Radar for surveillance in forest areas. 2) HOMELAND SECURITY: Catering to the needs of border protection, safe cities and protection of Strategic and Critical Infrastructure, 3S offers a comprehensive suite of integrated optical fiber solutions, sensors, jammers, surveillance vehicles, night vision devices, UAVs and many more for homeland security applications. 3) ELECTRONIC WARFARE: The team at 3S has extensive experience in design, development and manufacture of Airborne EW systems for the Indian customers. Presently 3S offers specific customer oriented EW solutions in collaboration with foreign OEMs in association with in-house design teams for both airborne as well as land based applications. The current system on offer is an Airborne Defense System comprising sensors and jammers for protection against surface to air and air to air missiles.

AC. A vibrant world Nigeria

Industrial company of Nigeria