A personalized VIP-Business pass will make your business trip to the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon as comfortable and efficient as possible.

During your visit to the salon, you can use the right to participate in all programs offered by the Official Organizers, as well as exclusive privileges of the VIP-Business pass.

Privileges for holders of a VIP-Business pass:

  • Unlimited access to all events of the Business, Demonstration and Exhibition programs (except for private events).
  • Participation in receptions, buffets and coffee breaks at the events of the MAKS-2021 Business Program (except for private events).
  • The possibility of visiting the guest tribune to observe the flights.
  • Obtaining a car pass simultaneously with a personal VIP-BUSINESS pass.
  • Guaranteed parking spot in the most convenient parking lot on the territory of the exhibition complex.
  • Possibility to come to the parking lot with different drivers and in different cars.

Appreciate the benefits of this participation format
and become the owner of a VIP-Business pass today!

How to purchase a VIP-Business pass:


Are you already participating in MAKS-2021?

We are glad to welcome you again, dear Participant!
Log into your personal account and order the VIP-Business pass service.

You are not a participant of MAKS-2021 yet?

Register as a Participant of MAKS-2021 Business Program and get access to your personal account.
In your personal account, order the VIP-Business pass service.

Detail Information

  • How much does VIP-Business pass cost?
    25,000 rubles excluding VAT for a Participant.
  • What is the validity period of a VIP-Business pass?
    You may use your pass from July 20 until July 25, 2021.
  • Is a parking spot guaranteed?
    Yes, it is guaranteed. An auto pass is provided automatically when you buy a VIP-Business pass.