Flight program

MAKS air show has traditionally hosted the most significant flight programmes in the worldboth in terms of the number of aircraft in the sky and the total duration of flights, and of course, MAKS-2019 will not be an exception. The sky over “Ramenskoye” airfield in Zukovsky will host the best Russian and foreign pilots who will demonstrate the unique capabilities of military and civil aircraft.

In addition to the demonstrations of Russian and foreign-made airplanes and helicopters, MAKS-2019 will feature performances by seven aerobatic teams.

Among them are permanent participants of all MAKS air shows that will impress guests with their spectacular and technically perfect programmes, aerobatic display teams of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the “Russian Knights”, the “Swifts” and the “Falcons of Russia”. The fighters they perform with are the pride of Russian aircraft industry.

Russian aerobatics school will be represented by the “Russ”, an aerobatic team of Russian Army, Air Force and Navy Volunteer Society. The teams performances are famous for precise and well-coordinated maneuvers.

As a good tradition, MAKS-2019 will also include the performance by the “Baltic Bees”, an aerobatic team from Latvia. The team has earned the audiences recognition thanks to an eye-catching aircraft colouring, dynamic maneuvers and extremely low-distance flights.

However, MAKS air show wont be limited to jets. Such general aviation teams as the “First Flight” and “Colibri” flying light piston aircraft will provide keen and tough competition to swift jets in the sky. Although these teams; airplanes will hardly impress the audience with engine roar or take their breath awayrushing over their heads faster than sound, as jets do, they will win the spectators withtheir grace forms, aircrew cooperation and flying skills and virtuoso piloting techniques.