Greetings to guests and participants

To participants and guests of the International aerospace salon MAKS-2019

On behalf of Roskosmos State Corporation I welcome organizers, participants and guests of the XIV International aerospace salon!

The development of modern world economy is impossible without aircraft and space activity, without continuous updating of the equipment and technologies, without broad international cooperation. Therefore, it is possible to note definitely that not only the particular companies' competitiveness, but also the character of the relations between the countries depends on progress in aircraft construction and creation of the rocket and space equipment's latest samples.

The international aerospace salon in Zhukovsky is one of the largest and prestigious platforms for demonstration of science and technology latest developments and for search of applied solutions in the sphere of peaceful use of space. Giving opportunities for business communication, MAKS also promotes search of answers to challenges of tomorrow, exchange of experience, definition of ways of development of astronautics, strengthens our professional brotherhood, and as a result - the peace and safety on the planet.

The Roskosmos State Corporation expresses gratitude to organizers of the Salon for the opportunity given to our enterprises to show their developments and perspective projects.

We wish to all participants of an exhibition the progress in implementation of the drawn-up plans, the achievement of positive results, and to guests of an exhibition — interesting business communication and pleasant impressions.

General Director of Roskosmos State Corporation

Dmitry Rogozin