Greetings to guests and participants

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and from myself personally I welcome participants and guests of the XIV International aviation and space salon MAKS-2019.

The aircraft and astronautics in the 21-st century retain the status of the most innovative and dynamically developing branches of mechanical engineering making a significant contribution to development of the national economy. Progress in this sector affects quality of everyday life of our citizens.

Today aircraft manufacturers bring to the market the MS-21 airliner representing already the second generation of the civil aircrafts created in modern Russia. The contract for delivery of the fifth-generation fighters to the aerospace forces of our country has been signed. A number of world-class large-scale projects is being implemented in helicopter engineering and engine-building. It demonstrates the maturity of branch, its ability to keep high rates of development even under conditions of sanctions pressure.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade within realization of the industrial policy supports key projects, promotes the creation of new and the modernization of the existing productions, advance of hi-tech production on foreign markets. There are no doubts that the latest developments carried out by domestic aircraft manufacturers in partnership with the leading research organizations will confirm in actual operation their excellent characteristics and will take a worthy place in the world market.

MAKS-2019 will show the current state and the perspective directions of development of aircraft industry and astronautics to representatives of professional community and numerous visitors, will present the latest developments and the advanced technology solutions, the latest achievements of a world scientific and engineering thought. Contracts and agreements which will be signed during the salon will provide the loading of the branch enterprises for the years ahead. The highly topical business program of an event will promote an active exchange of opinions concerning the development of science and technology, to expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation.

I wish all guests and participants of an exhibition the productive work, fruitful negotiations and new ideas!

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Denis Manturov